A Revolutionary Breathable Nail Polish

1. What is unique about this formulation?

This is a green technology Water permeable and Breathable nail polish. This new technology is formulated to allow moisture and oxygen to permeate the breathable nail polish layer to reach the nail plate.

2. Is there any other special features about this formulation?

This is a universal halal nail polish designed to comply with green philosophies,religious beliefs and way of life. Purity level never achieved before. 85% bio-sourced ingredients such as potato,corn,wheat and manioc. No styrene with specific bio-sourced plastizer system. specific adipic polyester resin to enhance durability and high shine gloss. Pro-ecology and 9 free halal nail polish.

3. What do you mean by "comply with religious beliefs"?

This formulation is Halal compliance and is certified by International Halal Integrity Alliance. 100% Vegan (no animal derived ingredients), using minerals and plant based ingredients. Wuduh friendly and ablution safe meaning that the breathability and water permeability formula has the ability for water molecules to penetrate the breathable nail polish to reach your nail plate.

4. What do you mean by Pro-Ecology and 9 Free?

Pro-ecology is a bio sourced chemistry that is a more green and sustainable solution that reduces environmental footprint. 9 Free means our breathable nail polish formulation does not contain toxic ingredients like Toluene, Formaldehyde, Di Butyl Phalates, Camphor, Xylene, Trypheyl (TPHP), Ethyl Tosylamide, Formaldehyde Resin and Paraben.

5. Where is the product made in?

Our halal nail polish is made in the USA and conforms to FDA regulations and the distinct Californian Proposition 65 Act. Our halal nail polish is not tested on animals and therefore cruelty free.

6. Why is a breathable / water permeable promoted to be better than normal nail polish?

Basically, a breathable/water permeable nail polish serves two very important functions. Firstly, it helps your nail breathe and stimulates a healthy nail in not depriving your nails of oxygen and moisture. The second benefit relates to the religious belief that this cleansing theory allows female users to fulfil their wuduh ritual before their prayers.

7. If I just allow water to flow through my painted nails, can I see the water actually flowing through?

You will not be able to see this reaction as this chemical test is conducted at the laboratory and is not visible to the naked eye. The reaction transforms only on a molecular level, using a diffusion chamber or similar laboratory apparatus. Rest assured, our halal nail polish has went through rigourous testing.

9. Is the formulation long lasting?

Like most things, one cannot always have the best of both worlds. Until such time that a new formulation or manicure technique is invented, the most lasting formula today is the gellish manicure, which is cured using a UV lamp. Gellish manicure is very good and long lasting but good things in life always has a trade off. There are lots of research indicating why using a UV lamp as a curing method for your manicure has considerable health risks. 

As a company, we do not wish to slur negative attributes about other brands and formulations, and we leave it to our consumers to google for themselves, the research findings of using a UV lamp for curing your manicure. We are also not advocating that you should not use gellish nail polish either if you prefer a long lasting manicure-it is a free world and you have the freedom what you want out of using nail polish. 

We can only speak about our formulation and to answer the question, the structure and technology used to formulate our breathable nail polish, is such that it will not last as long as the gellish method, that you get manicured at the nail salons. What we are giving you is a pro-ecology, non-styrene, 9 toxic free formula with 85% bio-sourced ingredients, at purity level never achieved before. Furthermore, you save money as our halal nail polish does not need a base coat and a topcoat.

10. Can I know more about the brand Three Beauties?

Three Beauties is a heritage brand that has been marketing and selling cosmetics since 1952. The brand’s philosophy is to offer quality products that are safe and affordable, using the finest ingredients. It is a trusted brand from generation to generation and if the brand has lasted for more than 60 years, the credibility speaks for itself and we need not say more.


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