Who We Are

We celebrate the beauty of difference with skincaring cosmetics.

We believe looking beautiful can be affordable and safe.

Everyone deserves high quality, toxic free, and cruelty free cosmetics, without costing a fortune.

Our philosophy is to offer quality cosmetics products at an affordable price point, so budget conscious consumers have the opportunity to experience colour cosmetics. This has been the hallmark of our brand success for the past 60 years. We pride ourselves by not using toxic ingredients, not testing our products on animals, and not using any animal derived ingredients.

Our Vision

Our core value is to continue our heritage of offering skincaring cosmetics made from the finest ingredients that are reliable and affordable.

Over 60 Years of Trust

Three Beauties was first registered in London in 1958. Our iconic facial pressed powder that continues to cater to three generations, is a hallmark of our success story. Our brand offerings have since grown to offer beauty and nail polish collections that are not tested on animals and do not contain animal derived ingredients.


Honest to Goodness

We continue our legacy of formulating our new generation products with formulations that are free of known toxic ingredients. We pride ourselves that if our brand has lasted for more than 60 years,the honest to goodness trust in our brand values continues to prevail.

What We Bring To You

Trusted Formulation

At Three Beauties, we endeavour to use ingredients that are free from known toxins.


We are a certified member of the Leaping Bunny program. We do not test on animals.

Quality Matters

The bulk of the cost goes into research and formulation to ensure the highest quality standards and ingredients.

We Champion Honesty

We hold a high standard of integrity. We only offer cosmetics that are safe for your skin.

Good Value For Money

We offer quality and safe beauty products at affordable prices by focusing on skincaring formulation. We do not splurge on high end packaging to inflate our prices to remain true to our core values.

We Value Inclusion

We value diversity, equity and inclusion. We pledge to make our brand experience more inclusive for the broader beauty community.